O Rings

O Rings

Insulflex also offers standard accessories to compliment the insulation of Insulflex manufactured closed-cell elastomeric insulation.Insulflex Insulation Foam Tape is a self adhesive CFC free synthetic rubber based insulating tape for strong bonding and longer durability and yet retaining it’s insulating properties. Ideal for insulating pipe joints, valves, short pipe length and etc. It is quick and easy to apply.

Insulflex Insulation Foam Tape adheres firmly to all types of pipe metal and plastic surface.

It will not delaminate easily as the adhesive side is made of very high quality synthetic rubber based material.

Here at Sunseal Enterprise Company, we pride ourselves in our manufacture and supply of hoses and seals. One of our key products is our variety of O-Rings; an o-ring is a type of seal and widely used in many pumps. O-rings have many advantages, such as: lightweight, flexible, cost-effective and extremely durable.

The O-ring is one of the easiest and efficient sealing devices you can find on the market. O-rings are often made of flexible materials like rubber and synthetic fibers. As one of the O-Ring suppliers in Malaysia, Sunseal Enterprise Sdn Bhd produces a variety of o-rings that are high in quality and durability that could be suitable for use in many pumps.